Discipline in League Cricket

The Hampshire Cricket League shares the concern expressed by the Southern Premier League in its recent circular at the growing incidence of player dissent with umpiring decisions and the increasing abuse directed at umpires. This has been discussed by the Management Committee who agree that abuse of umpires acts against the Spirit of the Game must be dealt with firmly and speedily, ensuring our umpires know they have our full backing.

The League Constitution together with the ECB Disciplinary Model Rules, provide for the taking of disciplinary action for misconduct by players and clubs. It is important that clubs and players note the standard tariff of warnings and suspensions that will now apply.

All offences to be reported should be made in writing by the umpires or club, before leaving the ground, notify the player and a representative of both clubs their intention to submit a report. A copy of the report should be sent to the League Secretary as soon as practical and no later than 5 days after the event.

Should a club accept the Umpires or club report and take action themselves against the offending player in line with the tariff, they should inform the League Secretary of any ban imposed and the starting date. The Rules and Disciplinary Committee will take this into account and, if satisfied, take no further action than to record the facts and ensure the ban is implemented.

The number of offences are intended to be over a playing season but could carry over into the following year. The Disciplinary Committee to notify a player and club of the period at the time of any ban.

If clubs deal with indiscipline at source it will help the Rules and Disciplinary Committee and go a long way to improving behaviour on the field.