Action Dates
Date League action Club action
Mid January AGM papers, cricket ball & handbook orders and handbook directory forms will be posted on the website
20th  February AGM  At least one club member (maximum of 2) must attend with authority to vote on the clubs behalf
1st March Last date for returning handbook details and handbook and cricket ball payment to league Treasurer
Mid March Premium notices for the League insurance scheme will be sent to the Club secretary *
20th April Last date for payment of League insurance
Last Sunday in April Distribution morning – Compton & Chandlers Ford, Shepherds lane, Compton, 10.00 until 12.00
Pick up handbooks, cricket balls, results sheets,  Foreign National forms (Divisions 1 to 4) and fielding discs (Division 1).
April, May, June Register foreign nationals and player transfers
Requests to the League Secretary allowing at least 1 week for League administration.
Match days 
May, June, July & August
a) Complete ECB team sheets and give to umpires (if present) or exchange with opposition captain.
b) Phone or email result summary to appropriate result secretary by 9.30 am Sunday morning.
c) Result sheet to be completed and signed by both captains. See rule 21.3 in 2017 handbook, page 118.
d) Separate ground report forms (Divisions 1, 2 & 3) to be returned to League Grounds Secretary.
31st July Last date for registering foreign nationals and player transfers
Request to the League Secretary
14th September Last date for submission of averages Send to appropriate results secretary

1st October

1st November

Subscription forms available on website

Last date for payment of subscriptions to League Treasurer

30th November Last date for submission of problem ground dates for the following season To League Fixtures Secretary
30th November Last date for Motions and Nominations for the AGM Submit to the League Secretary
31st December Issue of fixtures via League website

* If your club does not use the League insurance scheme, you will need to supply evidence to the League that your club is covered at the correct level and throughout the season.

For the League to run efficiently and smoothly, please make sure your club returns information in plenty of time.

Failure to meet these dates will result in the automatic issuing of monetary fines and in the worst cases, loss of team points.