The Southern Electric Premier League has issued a reminder to all Hampshire League, County Division 1 clubs that, if they wish to gain promotion to SPL, they must first have obtained the necessary level of accreditation prior to acceptance.

Accreditation Facilities requirements must be in place by 31 August of the season prior to promotion.  It is therefore recommended that any HL club having the ambition to enter the SPL, should enter the accreditation system a minimum of two years ahead, in order to allow enough time for the assessors to advise where necessary and come to their conclusions.

All gradings are decided by the Hampshire Cricket Board Grounds & Facilities Committee (independently of the SPL League Management Committee), based on the criteria set down and in line with the requirements of the ECB.


Grounds and Facilities

The latest criteria is set out within the SPL yearbook.

Gradings for pitches and outfield take into account ground report markings by captains as supplied by the Hampshire Cricket League, and inspections by the HCB Pitch Assessors.

Facilities will be viewed by a member of the SPL Management Committee.

As a guide, the minimum average mark over two seasons should be in the region of 23.00 for pitches, and 6.50 for outfield for accreditation at Bronze level.



Criteria is printed in the SCL yearbook and can also be found on the above-mentioned SPL Website, Accreditation.

All gradings are decided, year on year, independently, by the HCB Development Officer.  The assessment is based on a declaration of facts provided by aspiring clubs at the request of the HCB at the end of the Colts season.



The aim is that overall collation of gradings is completed by the end of September and then published to Clubs.