Equipment amnesty


Following the formation of the Southern League (SL) in 1969, a general inquiry in 1970 initiated by Noel Fisher showed a widespread interest among clubs tired of the surfeit of draws in ‘friendly’ cricket and looking for a competitive edge with rewards, in the form of promotion, for success.


ReVamp Cricket Bat Amnesty

Big Bat Cricket are proud to announce the launch of ReVamp Cricket Bat Amnesty.

How many of us who play the noble game have in our cupboards and garages old, damaged bats, old pads and gloves gathering dust? How many club houses have a shed full of old equipment?

Well now it's the time to Cheadle out those sheds, garages & cupboards and donate them to our ReVamp Cricket Bat Amnesty.

We will, where possible, refurbish and repair any old, unloved equipment before handing back to clubs, schools & players who may not be able to afford to buy new gear.

Please use the contact links below to get in touch.

We also have a GoFundMe page for anyone wishing to donate to the running costs of the project.

Thank you for your support in advance.


Big Bat Cricket is based in Eastleigh making bespoke bats and supplying quality soft goods. Please contact us via or Facebook page or email [email protected]