England Football 7th July


Following the formation of the Southern League (SL) in 1969, a general inquiry in 1970 initiated by Noel Fisher showed a widespread interest among clubs tired of the surfeit of draws in ‘friendly’ cricket and looking for a competitive edge with rewards, in the form of promotion, for success.


You will be aware that, should England make it that far, they will be playing in the World Cup Quarter Final on Saturday 7thJuly at 3pm. This is obviously in the middle of league cricket matches. As wonderful as it would be to think that this will have no effect on players’ availability and teams' ability to get sides out, we must be realistic, it will.

Therefore, in the spirit of common sense and getting cricket played, the Hampshire Cricket League (HCL) recognise the situation and ONLY in the event of England being involved on Saturday 7th July: –

  • You can bring the start time of your match forward as far as you like upon agreement with your opponents. You cannot change the date of the fixture.
  • If you do agree an earlier start time, you can elongate the tea break in order to see or listen to some or all of the football. Please ensure that you leave sufficient time to get the game completed; we don’t want matches finishing in the dark if it goes to penalties!
  • No reduction of overs will be allowed in the fixture.
  • If you are in a division with panel umpires, it is your responsibility to advise them of any changes and confirm that they are still able to stand in such changed circumstances.

The above can only happen if BOTH TEAMS AGREEIf one team is not able to move from the scheduled start time, then no change can be made. Please do not get your league management committee or result secretaries involved in any disagreements. If your opponent won't / can't accommodate your preference, the league is not going to enforce your request to them and the game must be played at the normal scheduled start time.

That said, we encourage teams to be as FLEXIBLE as possible, the aim after all is to get cricket played especially in such good weather of this summer.