1pm Starts and Loan Player Rule


Following the formation of the Southern League (SL) in 1969, a general inquiry in 1970 initiated by Noel Fisher showed a widespread interest among clubs tired of the surfeit of draws in ‘friendly’ cricket and looking for a competitive edge with rewards, in the form of promotion, for success.


The Hampshire Cricket League Committee wish to inform all Clubs that the early start of 1pm will cause a number of Clubs problems.  The Rule that was passed at the AGM was 9.1:  Start times in all Divisions to be 1.00pm (with the flexibility to start earlier or later by mutual consent) Therefore we wish to remind Clubs that some Clubs may approach their opponents for a later start which must not be later than 2pm. This later start must be mutually agreed by both clubs.

Rules of Play 16.12 (Trial 2018)  Players of any age may transfer on a loan basis to any team in the Regional Divisions in order to assist short-handed Clubs.
Clubs to arrange the loan players with each other and they must mark the result sheet “Loan Player” alongside the player’s name. The loaned players must be eligible ie born before 31st August 2005.

Denis Emery Chairman HCL