2018 Membership and Handbook forms


Following the formation of the Southern League (SL) in 1969, a general inquiry in 1970 initiated by Noel Fisher showed a widespread interest among clubs tired of the surfeit of draws in ‘friendly’ cricket and looking for a competitive edge with rewards, in the form of promotion, for success.


Membership Form

The Management Committee keeps subscription rates under review. We've kept the rates the same for meny years, absorbing the cost of inflation, however, we have had to increase the subscription fees this year; The cost is now £25 per team entered into the Hampshire Cricket League.

The subscription charges are due by the 1st November following for the renewal of membership. If payment is not received from any member by 1st November, 10 points will be deducted from the following season’s playing record of each team of that club. If payment is not then received by the 15th November, the club will be deemed to have withdrawn from the League.

Please use the attached form – found on the downloads page and return to the Secretary. Payment by cheque must be mailed to the league treasurer.


Registration of Club Officials Form

The form to register club officials is now on the downloads page too. The completed Registration Form is required by the 1st March.