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Vic Loveless

It is with deep regret we have to announce the passing away on Thursday 12th July, of one of the HCL league' Vice Presidents, Vic Loveless

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Ground Reports are showing that a number of pitches and outfields, particularly in the Regional Divisions, are suffering from the current extreme weather conditions, at least one match having been abandoned when both teams agreed that it was dangerous. A frequent...

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England Football 7th July

You will be aware that, should England make it that far, they will be playing in the World Cup Quarter Final on Saturday 7thJuly at 3pm. This is obviously in the middle of league cricket matches. As wonderful as it would be to think that this will have no effect on...

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It seems that cricket pavilions have been targeted during the matches. So make sure that the pavilion is secure during the game, if not make sure that valuables are stored safely.

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